Using Laminate Floor Polish to Shine Laminate Floors

What you need to know about laminate floor polish

Laminate flooring, first made in Sweden by the Pergo Company in 1977, is now a popular flooring choice made by many floor manufacturers. It combines the “best of both worlds”: the beauty and elegance of hardwood with the durability, economy, and ease of maintenance of man made materials. Because of the way laminate is made, there are certain types of equipment and floor cleaners, including laminate floor polish, you should and shouldn’t use.

It’s important to remember that laminate flooring is not solid wood. It is made of wood products with a moisture-resistant layer underneath and a photographic image of real hardwood on top with a clear, hard coating.

What you cannot do with laminate flooring

You must never use anything abrasive on your laminate flooring, such as cleanser, sandpaper, or steel wool. Because the “wood grain” is only as deep as the photograph, you cannot sand out scratches.

You must never attempt to refinish your laminate floor; do not use wax on your laminate floor, and do not use floor polish that’s meant for other types of floors.

What if you want to restore that “new floor” shine?

You may be tempted to polish your laminate floor to make it look shiny and new. If you plan to polish your laminate floor, check with the manufacturer and make sure you’re using a product recommended for your floor. The wrong product may cause the surface to become dull and may even cause permanent damage to your floor. It also may void the warranty.

To be on the safe side, use a homemade solution of equal parts vinegar, alcohol, and water. Do not leave any solution pooled on the surface; wipe it dry with a soft cloth.

A better alternative

Better yet, a good quality floor restorer will restore the new, shiny look to your floor. Pro Shot® Floor Restorer goes down smoothly in one easy application and lasts for months and months. It fills those scratches you can’t sand out and protects your floor from spills and black heel marks.

Pro Shot® contains no petroleum, a substance suspected of being harmful, and there’s no smelly fumes. Pro Shot® is the best way to keep your laminate floors looking their best and ensure they will last many years, and the only laminate floor polish you’ll ever need.

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