PRO SHOT® Cabinet, Paneling & Finished Wood Restorer


16-ounce bottle (covers approximately 240-300 square feet)

  • Wipe on/let dry formula
  • Protects from fingerprints, food stains, dust, and much more
  • Lasts for months
  • Helps prevent wear
  • Lets you choose the amount of shine you want™
  • Exceptional results (when used as directed)
Pro Shot cabinet restorer photo!

PRO SHOT® Cabinet, Paneling & Finished Wood Restorer & Protector works great on most types of wood laminate and finished wood cabinets, as well as paneling, banisters, baseboards, window sills, moldings & trim, and other finished woods. Use it to replace all old style waxes and silicones that yellow and build up with little protection from wear.

PRO SHOT® Cabinet Restorer lets you choose the amount of shine you want™. Apply one coat for a natural and protective shine or a second coat for a more brilliant shine and extra protection. PRO SHOT® Cabinet Restorer last for months, and in some cases, up to a full year or more. Helps reduce wear from u.v. rays, stains, fingerprints, dust accumulation, and more. Also excellent for boats, RVs and mobile homes – wherever you want your finished woods to shine.

Easy wipe on, no buff application. 16 oz. bottle covers approximately 240-300 sq. ft..

Perfect for finished oak, cherry, hickory, birch, maple, pine, wood laminates, and more – most finished woods.

Learn how to refinish cabinet doors without sanding.

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Keep from freezing.

Keep away from direct sunlight, heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources.

As with all cleaners and chemicals provide good ventilation. Gloves and eye wear should be worn as a precautionary protective measure. Avoid all unnecessary exposure.

Wash hands and other exposed areas with mild dish soap and water and then rinse with warm water.

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