Thinking of refinishing your floors or cabinets?

Don’t. This is not a do-it-yourself project.

You could actually do irreversible damage to your home.

It’s true. You may think your old dull-looking floors and cabinets are beyond help. Your only choice is stripping, sanding, refinishing, or worse, replacing them! Or so you thought.

PRO SHOT® products could bring back that beautiful shine to your floors and cabinets without the monumental (and potentially disastrous) job of refinishing or the expense of replacement.

PRO SHOT® is easy to apply and goes down smoothly in one easy application.

PRO SHOT® dries to a mirror-like finish in about 45 minutes. Best of all, that beautiful shine will last months and months, with no yellowing or waxy buildup. So you won’t be spending every Saturday maintaining your floors and cabinets!

PRO SHOT® Floor Restorer & Finish is UL-Listed for slip resistance.

One more thing… PRO SHOT® Floor Restorer & Finish and PRO SHOT® Cabinet Restorer & Protector are water-based finishes and are low odor too.

If old, ugly floors and cabinets were stopping you from having company…or making you lose sleep over the prospect of an expensive, time-consuming project…then apply PRO SHOT® and beautiful shiny floors and cabinets could be on their way.

(Now your biggest worry is: what will you do with the time and money you’ll save?)

Discover why millions of bottles of PRO SHOT® have already been sold.

Don’t replace. Don’t refinish. Try PRO SHOT today.