What People Are Saying About PRO SHOT®

“We have a 25 year old vinyl floor in our kitchen, and I must say our floor looks like it is new again. Your floor restorer is a fabulous product.”
Rita – Oregon

“How rare it is to find a product that actually does what it is advertised to do. Your PRO SHOT® does. With it we have restored luster and renewed the finish to a lovely old kitchen floor that had more than its share of dull spots. Thank you for such an incredible product.”
Betsy – Illinois

“My whole house has wood floors. They get an awful lot of wear. We have tried all kinds of products but have not been pleased. We were going to have several of the rooms refinished. When I saw PRO SHOT®, I decided to try it first. It worked so well we do not have to have the floors refinished.”
Miriam – New York

“I am writing firstly to say what a wonderful product you have for the floors. I have used it on hardwood, slate and linoleum. Great stuff. It is so easy to apply and lasts forever. Again it is wonderful!”
Pat – California

“We are so thrilled with the ways our old kitchen floor looks – we are beaming because of the results, and so we just had to order your Cabinet Restorer because they looked so dull and dingy compared to the floor! WOW – what a difference your products have meant in our home. We can’t thank you enough.”
Doris – Texas

“This is the first “testimonial” letter I have ever written. But then, I have never used products as amazing as your Floor Restorer and Finish and Cabinet, Paneling Restorer. I did my hardwood floors months ago, and at this point in time they look the same as the day I applied PRO SHOT®. I have just done my cabinets and door in my kitchen, and I feel like I just purchased new ones. Wow! They are great.”
Eleanor, Pennsylvania

“PRO SHOT® is so easy to use! I’m using both the floor restorer and the cabinet restorer, and I’m so pleased with the results. The floor looks great and my daughter’s snow boots no longer leave black marks. Our house gets dusty pretty quickly, and PRO SHOT® makes dusting easier; things wipe off so nicely. You can totally control the amount of shine you want. My daughter loves to touch everything, but it leaves no fingerprints. It feels nice too; not sticky! Where a window was left open and the windowsill had water damage, PRO SHOT® made it look much better. And the smell doesn’t last, like it does with other cleaners. It’s so nice to not have that “institutional” smell and not get a headache! I accidentally got some on my countertop, but it came right up with a non-acetone nail polish remover with no damage at all. It just amazes me! Everything is just so crisp and clean. You don’t have to put a lot of elbow grease into it; it makes it look like you spent a lot of time cleaning your home, but you didn’t! I wish I had put it down as a preventative for sun and water damage. I’m planning to put it on the tile in my entry, and on the trim too. I can think of a lot of places where this is going to be nice. I’m very, very pleased with the results—it’s like night and day. I’m putting it on everything!”
Kari, Madison WI