About Us

PRO SHOT® products have been featured and sold on television, featured on the front and back covers of popular home magazines for more than 10 consecutive years, been #1 in its category on the most popular online shopping networks, and are now available direct to you.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products, and at the most affordable price. PRO SHOT® products may spare you from spending a fortune and untold hassle on refinishing—or worse, replacing—old, worn-out-looking floors and cabinets. It usually just isn’t necessary, as the millions of people who’ve successfully restored their floors and cabinets might attest.

We’re working hard to let people know that PRO SHOT® products are still available, and how easy and affordable it is to breathe new life into your home.

PRO SHOT® products are different, and the reviews on most online shopping networks—consistently 4 and 5 stars, by the way—agree. “It really is the best,” happy customers are saying. It has taken some of the most distressed floors and cabinets and made them shine like new. And they stay that way, with very little maintenance when used as directed.

Interestingly, our biggest competitors sprouted up after PRO SHOT®’s effectiveness had become well known. PRO SHOT®, however, remains unrivaled in results as well as customer service. A 24-hour customer service number is listed on each bottle of PRO SHOT® and help is always available.

Nothing excites us more than hearing how PRO SHOT® has restored the shine to someone’s old dull looking floors or any of the other countless success stories.